Alor Street Food, Malaysia

Walking Walking Tour Organizer
2018-05-28 09:09:47
It feels incomplete when we travel to other countries without tasting its unique cuisine. This time we will discuss one of the culinary tourism locations in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Alor street is a road area that at night turns into a street food area, the location is still on the star hill. During the day this location functions like a road in general in urban areas, but at night the streets are closed by vehicles and functioned as culinary tourism locations. On this 800m road we can see various kinds of foods stalls and drinks stalls. While walking, visitors can enjoy the street singer whose sound is quite melodious. The food sold is quite varried, ranging from bbg,seafood,fruits,snacks,to various drinks. Processed foods that are quite popular are bbg chicken wings. Favorite dessert is ice cream with coconut or coconut. The taste of ice cream is a variety of fruits, such as mangoe,kiwi,durian etc. We can choose according to our taste. For those of us who like to stay up late don't worry because the Alor road is still open and crowded until 2 in the morning. Every weekend the crowd can increase again, it is advisable to keep an eye on our wallet and luggage to avoid things that are not desirable. Happy Holiday,greeting Walkings