Bangkok Street Food

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2018-10-01 08:57:27

At this time culinary is not only a complement in every tourist visit to a particular region or country. Culinary has became one of the main parts when we travel. One of the places that became a culinary paradise is the city of Bangkok which is the capital of Thailand. In Bangkok, almost every corner of the city there are many food vendors, even at night the number increases.
The various fruits combined with snack are also quits delicius, one of the primadonna of the variant of fruit snacks is mango sticky rice. This food is combination of mango fruit with sticky rice. The taste is legit, from sticky rice with a slightly acidic blend of mango and sweet taste that fits, making this food worthy of being includedin the list of culinary recommendations when we visit Bangkok. The price per serving of this food is 50 Bath or 22 thousand rupiahs.
Besides that, various seafood processed foods that are roasted and then covered with sambal Bangkok are also worth a try. Sambal taste in Bangkok in Indonesia with the original country is almost similar, namely a combination of sweet,sour,spicy. But before buying it is advisable to be really selected in choosing because there are pork,so we need to be observant. The menu listed also uses the Thai language so that carefulness is neded. In addition, the majority of Thai citizens do not speak English, so they lose a bit to ask question.

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